Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no VST2 plugin

Due to Steinberg’s licensing terms, we cannot provide binaries using the VST2 plugin format. As such, only VST3 is available. If you’d like to have a VST2 plugin and have access to the VST2 SDK you can build your own by defining VST2_PATH to point to your SDK when building.

Why does Stochas not run on my older OS Mac

The oldest mac OS version that is supported is 10.11. We believe this is due to the JUCE framework that is used for Stochas.

Why does Stochas not show up in my host

Make sure your DAW supports VST3 (AU is supported for Logic). If you are still having issues you can try running cmake with -DSTOCHAS_IS_SYNTH=TRUE and/or -DSTOCHAS_IS_MIDI_EFFECT=FALSE (or other combinations).

How do I get Stochas working in FL Studio

  • Open Stochas>*General settings>Midi>Apply Output port 1 (#)
  • Open VST synth>*General settings>Midi> Apply Input port 1 (#)

General Setting of the plugin is an icon that looks like an electrical plug and a cog.

There is also a video for an older version that may still be applicable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWzrxjpL8p0